Warning About Water Pollution In The 21st Century

Level of water pollution in industrial zones

In an industrial cluster of a city, water is polluted by industrial wastewater with an estimated total waste water volume of 500,000 m3 per day from paper mills, detergents, dyes, and textiles. In another city, industrial waste water discharged from paper production facilities, pig iron, metallurgy, coal mining; Waste water from paper production has a pH of 8.4-9, and NH4 content is 4mg / 1, high organic content, brown wastewater, bad smell …

Polluted industrial water
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Surveying some of iron and steel villages, casting bronze, aluminum, lead, paper and dyeing in localities showed that wastewater of thousands of cubic meters per day was untreated, polluting the water and environment in the area. Besides it, you can visit here for getting more tips for reverse osmosis system.

Water pollution in urban areas is most apparent in densely populated cities. In these cities, domestic wastewater does not have a centralized treatment system but directly discharges the receiving water (rivers, lakes, canals and ditches). On the other hand, there are many establishments that do not process wastewater, most of the hospitals and large medical facilities do not have a wastewater treatment system; Large amounts of solid waste in the city are not collected … are important sources of water pollution. Currently, the level of pollution in canals, rivers, and lakes in big cities is very heavy.

Pollution in the countryside

Countryside pollution
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Water pollution in rural and agricultural production areas, rural population is where infrastructure is backward, most human and animal wastes are not treated. Soak up or be washed away, making the water pollution of organic matter and microorganisms more and higher. In agricultural production, due to the abuse of plant protection drugs, water sources in rivers, lakes, canals and ditches are polluted, affecting the water environment and people’s health.

Due to the lack of planning and non-technical aquaculture, many negative impacts on the water environment were caused. With the use of more and fewer chemicals in aquaculture, the food left over settles down to the bottom of ponds, lakes and river beds, causing the water environment to become contaminated with organic matter, to develop. Some organisms cause disease, and some toxic algae appear; There are even signs of red tide in some coastal areas

The main causes

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There are many objective and subjective causes of water pollution, such as population growth, the downside of industrialization, modernization, poor infrastructure, backwardness: People’s awareness on environmental issues is not high … Notably, the inadequacies in environmental management and protection activities. The perception of many levels of government, management agencies, organizations and individuals responsible for environmental protection tasks is not deep enough and full; It is not clear that water pollution is a direct, everyday and difficult way to deal with human life as well as the sustainable development of the country. The regulations on water management and protection are lacking (for example, there are no regulations and technical procedures for water management and protection).

Causes from management rules

Mechanism of division and coordination between agencies, branches, and localities is not synchronous, overlapping, not clearly defined responsibilities. There are no strategies, plans for exploitation, use and protection of water resources in the basin and large territorial areas. There are no rational regulations in financial contribution to management and protection of the water environment, causing a financial shortage and insufficient funds for water environment protection.


How to choose a car battery

A new car battery pack could cost up to $200 so it’s is really important to do some research when before buying a new battery for your car. In this post, I’m going to help you choose a perfect battery for your car that won’t break your budget. And since battery always comes with charger, if you’re interested in one this best car battery charger reviews will help you find yours.

Car battery
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Without further ado, let’s get back to our car battery guide. Here are some considerations when you buy your new car battery:


This refers to the height, length, and width of your battery. There is no point buying a new battery that’s not going to fit in your car. So make sure to do some measurement before buying. And sometimes, it could do more harm than good to your car.

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You could always notice the battery brand easily since it often comes with the battery name. Even though it’s not always accurate but buying a battery from a trusted brand can guarantee a better performance. Don’t be tempted to buy a cheap battery because it could turn to be the worst battery you ever bought. And using cheap battery could damage your car in the long run which will eventually cost more than buying a proper battery from trusted brand.


This will decide how long your battery can last until it needs to be recharge. A large capacity battery will provide more power as well as battery life. But it’ll take more time to be fully recharged. And bigger capacity means bigger size. So be sure to check your car first.

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The age refers how long can you use the battery or how much charge can the battery have. So if you want to save money or you don’t use the car very often, just buy a normal battery with an average age. But if you want to save money in the long run, I suggest you buy a battery with a least 1000 rechargeable time.

Battery types

This is referred to what types of power source the battery use. These are some common types Wet/Flooded, MF, Calcium-Calcium, VRLA, GEL, AGM (Vlies), Hybrid. So be sure to check the manufacturer’s instruction before buying new car battery


Types of tent and what is perfect for your family

Tent is an indispensable gear of a camping trip. Nonetheless, with thousands of brands and designs on the market, it is not at all easy to choose among the best family tents for sale for your family. Here in this article, we will show you what types of tent there are on the market and which one will suit your family the best. Tents are divided in the following category:

Tunnel tent

Tunnel tent
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This is a basic model for tents. As a name stated, it is a long tunnel that is raised in the middle by using two or more poles. A notable advantage of this type is that it will provide more head space than other design. It is also useful for changing or cleaning small children.

The downside is that the biggest of this type of tent can only hold up to 3 people. So if you have a large family, buying this type of tent is not highly recommended.

Another downside is that it is the least stable of all. Just by pulling the supporting pole and the whole thing will collapse.

Dome tent

Dome tent
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This is becoming more and more popular with in recent times and there are reasons behind it. Firstly, you can set it up fast and easily, which is a huge plus for young families. This will reduce the time they have to leave their child unsupervised while erecting the tent.

Another benefit of this type of tent is that it is very light compare to other types. This is extremely useful for a family trip as there will already be a lot of bulky luggage so a lightweight tent is a plus.

The issue with this tent is that they can still be pulled over by your children’s carelessness. But overall, this is a good tent for family trip.

Geodesic tent:

Geodesic tent
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There are two types of geodesic tent: semi and full geodesic.

As for semi geodesic, they have three poles which are intertwined to provide greater structural stability than the other two types mentioned above. This along with the fact that there is a lot of free space under the canopy makes this tent seem like a good choice for family.

However, only serious campers and family who wants to make the most out of their tent should go for this model. This is because they are more pricy than the other two types.

As for full geodesic tents, they are almost the same as their semi counterpart, but with four poles, which provides even more stability. They can even withstand harsh weather like strong wind or heavy rain. However, they are also the most expensive of all and only hardcore campers should consider buying it.

Regarding the perfect tent for you, you should take into account your personal preference. How often do you go out camping, how big is your family, how well-behave your children are, how much money do you want to spend, etc. All that, combined with the information provided above should give you a clear idea of which tent to buy.


Best egg incubator for beginners

Being able to hatch little chicks without a mother hen is something that makes us feel so extraordinary since the incubation of the hen is a magic itself. In the old days, we would’ve never thought of archive this but modern technology has allowed us to do so. The quickest and easiest is to use an egg incubator. But for beginners everything is hard, you’ll need to know about the incubating process as well as how to choose the best egg incubators and how to use them properly. However, knowing these things takes time and not many of us could spend time working on this stuff. When it comes to incubating eggs, a good incubator is always the first priority but choosing one that fits your needs is difficult since there are so many brands and types out there. So here I am with a basic guide for beginners about how to find the best egg incubator for beginners. What are you waiting for? Let’s read more about best chicken egg incubator or read the article bellow.

Egg incubator
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The number of eggs

The first question you should ask yourself is how many eggs do you want to incubate? If you only need about half a dozen of eggs to finish your school assignment or just to fulfill your curiosity with the eg

Small egg incubator
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g incubation. But when you’re thinking big and want to make a whole chicken barn or thinking about selling chicks for a living, it’s a whole new story. In the first case, you only need a small, basic incubator. And it should come with an automatic control system (a manual one is fine but you’ll find it hard to control your incubator since you’re still new to this). The only thing you need to do when using these machine is to pay attention to the eggs every day and make sure they’re provided with enough water, temperature, and air. But when you’re thinking about turning your eggs into a whole barn, you gonna need a lot of help from a much larger and higher-end incubator. These incubators are capable of incubation 200 to 300 chicken each time. After a few month, you’ll have yourself a whole pack of chickens (technically). And there is also a lot of homemade chicken incubator guide for you on the internet. You should try this if you have time and want to do something fun and meaningful.

The features

The price
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You want your incubator to be manual, semi-manual, or fully automatic control? It all depends on how much you could understand about this work. The most important thing is that the incubator you choose must help increase the hatching rate of your eggs. If you’re an expert who knows how to work with these types of devices then a manual or semi-manual incubator might be a good choice for you. But in most cases when the users are still new to this, a fully automated incubator is always a better choice. That way, their egg would have a better hatch rate. And you won’t have to mess with all those complex manual functions.

The price

And last but not least, one of the most factor that everybody must consider when buying anything. If your requirement is only a small and easy-to-use incubator, then you should spend about $50 on a small and automatic incubator. You’ll save a lot of money and still have a great piece of incubator. And if you choose to make a homemade incubator, the price is only for $10 or even less. Of course, it is harder but also more fun at the same time.


How to choose the best screwdriver set.

Best screwdriver set
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For mechanic or electric engineers, a good screwdriver set means a lot to them. You can refer to how much important a fishing rod is to a fisherman. But choosing the one that suits you the most could be difficult since there are many types and brands that are available. Here is what you should do to choose the best screwdriver set.

What is screwdriver set?

It is one of the most important tools that has versatile usage which can be very useful when is in hands of a pro. From carpentry, craft, to fixing a child toy, you’ll always need the help of a screwdriver set. They can be very handy for many kinds of stuff and even a child could use it after being taught well. A set of screwdriver has many types and sizes so you should choose yours base on your essential needs.

How to choose?

How to choose a screwdriver set
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Various length

A good screwdriver set must contain all the important factor that is required by the user. And one of the first thing you should look into is the sizes of the screwdrivers. A long screwdriver could be perfect for large screws but smaller and deeper ones require a small screwdriver with a proper length. So owning a set of screwdrivers with various length is considered to be the very first factor when you choose yours. Along with these, people also sell additional tips that come in many sizes and shapes which help increase the flexibility of your set.

Head shapes

There are many screws with different head shapes, you can find a flat, a cross, and even star shape ones. Each one requires a different type of screwdriver. Having each of these types will enable you to accomplish any difficult tasks.

Choose the specific types of driver set.

I know that I’ve mentioned before that you should choose a set of the drivers with various length and shapes. But specific jobs require specially designed screwdrivers and those set mentioned before only work well with basic home uses. If you’re a professional then you going to need a set of screwdrivers at another level. You might want to have a look at the material of your driver. Flimsy material with cheap plastic could be easily broken when under intensive pressure.

Additional features

Magnetic screwdriver
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I highly recommend you choose those with magnetic tips, especially when you’re dealing with tiny screws in modern electrical devices. You could easily lose them during the working process and it won’t be easy to find them because of their extra small size. And when dealing with small crews you might want to switch to those with soft handles, this would help increase the precision and your hand won’t get hurt from working too hard.


These are a few tips that may help you finding your screwdriver set. If you find them interesting, please check out more at my website.


700 fill goose down comforter review


There is no doubt that down comforter (downcomforterguides) is the warmest and comfortable type of down. And if you are living in cold area, a 700 fill power goose down comforter will be perfect for you. For you to have a better understand at buying these, here is our top 700 fill power down comforter.

1000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton European White Down Comforter

1000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton European White Down Comforter
credit: amazon.com

It is made from 1000 thread count and 100% percent of Egyptian cotton cover. The comforter is filled with Hypoallergenic Premium White down fill. And of course, a 700 fill power to satisfy all your needs. The product weight about 38oz which is quite heavy for me. But consider the 700 fill power, you can’t expect it to be light, it’s ridiculous. The comforter comes in three different sizes, twin, queen, and king. It has multiple sizes to satisfy your need. The first thing that came to my head when try this is “wow, that’s warm”. It’s not the overly warm like other 700 fill down comforters. Probably because of the soft and high quality down inside. And the Hypoallergenic down fill makes this a great choice for people with an allergy to down.

Rockies Imperial White Goose Down Comforter for Winter Comfort

Rockies Imperial White Goose Down Comforter for Winter Comfort
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The goose down is cover with 100% Egyptian cotton cover, the best cotton you could ever find. This comforter is designed for winter in both cold area and warm area. It is filled with over 700 fill power of hypoallergenic white goose down. The baffle box design keeps the down in place and prevents any shifts. And the hypoallergenic material is a great feature since my husband is allergic to down. I did order this on Amazon and when the package first arrives, it looks really flat so I put it in the dryer. And after I take it out, the comforter become the warmest blanket ever. This one will feel lighter if you compare it to other 700 fill power comforter. But it is just my opinion since I’m used to sleeping with this type of blanket. To sum up, this is a really warm and soft comforter, definitely worth buying if you are looking for a warm comforter with light weight.

Blue Ridge Home Fashion 1000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton European Goose Down Comforter

Blue Ridge Home Fashion 1000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton European Goose Down Comforter
credit: amazon.com

This one comes in three different sizes for you to choose. Normal twin, queen, and large king sizes. The cover is made from 100% Egyptian cotton and I must say it’s really soft. The down fill is sealed in baffled box construction with double stitched piping to prevent any shifts. Inside is the hypoallergenic European White Goose down fill with 700 fill power. The fill weight is 700 so the only thing you need to worry is that “is it too warm”. The fill weight is only 26 oz, it makes this comforter the lightest on our list. But it still very warm and is perfect for areas with cold climate.

Luxury Tommy Bahama Lightweight 350 TC Bamboo Striped Down Comforter

Luxury Tommy Bahama Lightweight 350 TC Bamboo Striped Down Comforter
credit: amazon.com

The comforter offers 2 different sizes, oversized queen (90” x 98”) and oversized king (108”x98”). Covered with 350 thread count bamboo striped cotton, the comforter was filled with hypoallergenic 700 fill power white goose down. So it’s really warm and comfortable. The comforter is machine washable and dryable so it can save you a ton of time cleaning it. It is perfect for winter in cold area and warm area. The 700 down fill will guarantee the warm and the clever sewn will help release excess heat. All-and-all, it’s definitely worth buying.