Best egg incubator for beginners

Being able to hatch little chicks without a mother hen is something that makes us feel so extraordinary since the incubation of the hen is a magic itself. In the old days, we would’ve never thought of archive this but modern technology has allowed us to do so. The quickest and easiest is to use an egg incubator. But for beginners everything is hard, you’ll need to know about the incubating process as well as how to choose the best egg incubators and how to use them properly. However, knowing these things takes time and not many of us could spend time working on this stuff. When it comes to incubating eggs, a good incubator is always the first priority but choosing one that fits your needs is difficult since there are so many brands and types out there. So here I am with a basic guide for beginners about how to find the best egg incubator for beginners. What are you waiting for? Let’s read more about best chicken egg incubator or read the article bellow.

Egg incubator

The number of eggs

The first question you should ask yourself is how many eggs do you want to incubate? If you only need about half a dozen of eggs to finish your school assignment or just to fulfill your curiosity with the eg

Small egg incubator

g incubation. But when you’re thinking big and want to make a whole chicken barn or thinking about selling chicks for a living, it’s a whole new story. In the first case, you only need a small, basic incubator. And it should come with an automatic control system (a manual one is fine but you’ll find it hard to control your incubator since you’re still new to this). The only thing you need to do when using these machine is to pay attention to the eggs every day and make sure they’re provided with enough water, temperature, and air. But when you’re thinking about turning your eggs into a whole barn, you gonna need a lot of help from a much larger and higher-end incubator. These incubators are capable of incubation 200 to 300 chicken each time. After a few month, you’ll have yourself a whole pack of chickens (technically). And there is also a lot of homemade chicken incubator guide for you on the internet. You should try this if you have time and want to do something fun and meaningful.

The features

The price

You want your incubator to be manual, semi-manual, or fully automatic control? It all depends on how much you could understand about this work. The most important thing is that the incubator you choose must help increase the hatching rate of your eggs. If you’re an expert who knows how to work with these types of devices then a manual or semi-manual incubator might be a good choice for you. But in most cases when the users are still new to this, a fully automated incubator is always a better choice. That way, their egg would have a better hatch rate. And you won’t have to mess with all those complex manual functions.

The price

And last but not least, one of the most factor that everybody must consider when buying anything. If your requirement is only a small and easy-to-use incubator, then you should spend about $50 on a small and automatic incubator. You’ll save a lot of money and still have a great piece of incubator. And if you choose to make a homemade incubator, the price is only for $10 or even less. Of course, it is harder but also more fun at the same time.


How to choose the best screwdriver set.

Best screwdriver set

For mechanic or electric engineers, a good screwdriver set means a lot to them. You can refer to how much important a fishing rod is to a fisherman. But choosing the one that suits you the most could be difficult since there are many types and brands that are available. Here is what you should do to choose the best screwdriver set.

What is screwdriver set?

It is one of the most important tools that has versatile usage which can be very useful when is in hands of a pro. From carpentry, craft, to fixing a child toy, you’ll always need the help of a screwdriver set. They can be very handy for many kinds of stuff and even a child could use it after being taught well. A set of screwdriver has many types and sizes so you should choose yours base on your essential needs.

How to choose?

How to choose a screwdriver set

Various length

A good screwdriver set must contain all the important factor that is required by the user. And one of the first thing you should look into is the sizes of the screwdrivers. A long screwdriver could be perfect for large screws but smaller and deeper ones require a small screwdriver with a proper length. So owning a set of screwdrivers with various length is considered to be the very first factor when you choose yours. Along with these, people also sell additional tips that come in many sizes and shapes which help increase the flexibility of your set.

Head shapes

There are many screws with different head shapes, you can find a flat, a cross, and even star shape ones. Each one requires a different type of screwdriver. Having each of these types will enable you to accomplish any difficult tasks.

Choose the specific types of driver set.

I know that I’ve mentioned before that you should choose a set of the drivers with various length and shapes. But specific jobs require specially designed screwdrivers and those set mentioned before only work well with basic home uses. If you’re a professional then you going to need a set of screwdrivers at another level. You might want to have a look at the material of your driver. Flimsy material with cheap plastic could be easily broken when under intensive pressure.

Additional features

Magnetic screwdriver

I highly recommend you choose those with magnetic tips, especially when you’re dealing with tiny screws in modern electrical devices. You could easily lose them during the working process and it won’t be easy to find them because of their extra small size. And when dealing with small crews you might want to switch to those with soft handles, this would help increase the precision and your hand won’t get hurt from working too hard.


These are a few tips that may help you finding your screwdriver set. If you find them interesting, please check out more at my website.


How to choose the best weight distribution hitch?

The important of a weight distribution system

Weight distribution System is an absolutely indispensable tool for those who possess an RV. Without it, your car’s back end will be lower and the front end will be higher due to the concentration of weight. This situation may lead to several dangerous outcomes such as rough ride, loss of brake and steering control, or worse, uneven tire wear.

Shop for the best weight distribution hitch may be confusing for novice RV owner. For that reason, I’m writing this article to show you the buying guide.


Why does the weight distribution work?

Thanks to the spring bars added to the towing setup, the weight is now distributed to both your car and your trailer.

When is the tool necessary?


  • The weight of your trailer is greater than 50% of your car’s weight
  • The rear of your car is bent down in the middle when you connect the trailer to it.
  • Trailer sway
  • It’s hard to steer or stop the rig
  • The tow car’s headlight is pointing upward

How to choose the right weight distribution hitch?

Firstly, you need to take the size system, towing component and capacity into consideration.

Specifically, you have to understand these 2 types of weight ratings which include:


Gross Trailer Weight: this parameter indicates the total weight of the fully loaded trailer. In order to measure this number, you must fully load the trailer based on its recommendation.

Tongue Weight: This number is the total of the trailer’s tongue weight and the cargo weight which is located behind the car’s rear axle. Tongue Weight of your trailer is calculated based on a specialized tool named tongue weight scale. Regarding the weight of cargo, you can use a simple commercial scale to measure it. How to do it? Just measure 2 times: The first one, you calculate the weight with cargo. Secondly, you measure the weight of your car without cargo. Finally, all you have to do is subtract the 2 aforementioned parameters.

After having the Gross Trailer Weight and the Tongue Weight, you can now choose the weight distribution hitch:

The good weight distribution hitch must have the ratings greater or equal to this Gross Trailer Weight.

Additionally, the right system must have the Tongue Weight which is approximate to the Tongue Weight that you have calculated above.


For example: Your trailer’s tongue weight is 1000 kg, and the car is currently loading a 200-kg cargo. If you choose a weight distribution hitch with 2000 kg Tongue Weight Rating, this tool will cause a rigid ride. Reversely, if you purchase a 600kg tongue weight tool, the dangerous risk may happen.

Then, you should take the size of spring bars into consideration. On every spring bar, you will find a number which indicates the maximum amount of weighing distribution.

For example: a 1000-kg spring bar allows to transfer a maximum weight of 1000 kg from the rear axle

Based on the distance from your car’s rear axle to the receiver, the proper size of spring bars will vary. Unfortunately, there’s no formula to calculate this parameter.

Additionally, you should choose a sway control in order to smoothen the steering control and trailer sway.

Most of the manufacturers sell both sway control and weight distribution system in the same package. This great tool is able to control the friction at the hitch head and along the trailer frame thanks to the 2 integrated friction plates.

The sway control hitch and the weight distribution hitch look identical so people are often confused. Just keep in mind to ask your trailer salesman which is the sway control in case you need one.