What to buy to welcome your baby

An expected family member is about to enter the house. What do you need to buy in order to welcome him or her? Well, this article will answer that question for you. In today’s article, we will present you the stuff you need to buy for your lovely little angel. Here goes:


Babies themselves cannot know when or how to go to the restroom; therefore, diaper is a must-have. There are lots of types and brands on the market, so do a little research beforehand to know the pros and cons of each brand. Remember to increase the size as your child gets older as well.


With sensitive and soft skin like that, babies will need a very soft towel so as not to damage their skin.

In addition, they will need baby-friendly shampoo as well. Babies’ eyes cannot withstand the stinging of regular shampoo on the market. Hence, you need to buy something that won’t cause stinging even when it makes contact with their eyes.

Feeding bottle

Since they cannot eat all by themselves just yet, a feeding bottle will make the feeding process easier for you. Depend on the babies’ age, there is a suitable type for them. The one with small opening in the nipple is much more suited to newborns as they cannot digest very fast. As for older babies, a bigger opening in the nipple is more appropriate as they can digest faster and eat faster as a result.

High chair

High chairWhen your baby is old enough to join the family meal then the baby will need a high chair. This is to facilitate easy supervision of the baby’s meal and allow you to feed him or her with much less effort. Browse through the list of the best high chair 2017 currently on the market and you will have a better idea of which one to buy.

Baby carrier

You cannot carry the baby all the time with your hands, you got other work to do. That’s why this thing will be essential for you. This will keep both of yours hands free so that you can do something else instead.


When you want to safely transport the baby around the in many places, a stroller will be more suited for the job. It does an excellent job in protecting your baby from harmful sun rays as well.

That should cover all the basic necessity for welcoming a new member of the family. If you want more tips about comforter click here


Tips For Caring Cats For Beginners At Home

little catCat care is not simple for beginners; you have to feed them in an appropriate mode. In this article I will help you know more tips to care for cats by age, besides that you can use automatic cat feeder to feed the cat. Hopefully, this article will help you get good tips for caring your cats at home.

Cats From 3 To 6 Months Of Age:

How to recognize: Iris begins colored, cat eyes will change color this stage again and keep that eye color permanently. Baby cat fangs, with clarity.

  • At this stage, you should let the cat drink milk; this will help the cat has enough nutrients and help to the development in adulthood
  • For cat worm treatment pill once a month
  • Rabies in the third month, a week after taking a worm.
  • You should eat more vegetable cat shredded mixed into the rice. You should not only each cat or eat each meat. Fish and chicken are interspersed best choice for cats; you should maintain calcium for cats drink.

You should aim to dry cat food particles from the 10th week, only to eat only foods appropriate to not cause kidney related diseases of cats. All other types are likely to cause kidney problems for cats.

Food For Cats

foot for catCats under four months, you feed them foods are recommended, on the 5-month-old cat to eat the food you diversity, seeds can be dried for dogs because of cheaper dog food for cats.

You should aim to eat dried nuts because when you go away or more, then you can work out a tray to available, cats will eat slowly. There are many types of cat food does not taste too salty, not addictive to cats, so you will not worry about the cat to eat more, eat constantly lead to obesity.

If you must eat dry seeds for cats to drink plenty of water, to water available barrels, 2-3 days you have to replace one. You’ll wash tank, avoid microorganisms, algae from the water formed at the bottom barrel.

Cat sun every day for 45 minutes (from 7-10h always light, no sun after 10h)

Cats Over Six Months Of Age:

Get to know: is the cat’s eye, eyeball with clear colors, white cat’s teeth. With the cat at this age, you will easily train, keeping them indoors

Cats From Two Years Old Onwards:

Like cats six months old but root starts yellow, older cats as golden teeth. Some cats are given away; the teeth bleaching teeth will have little more yellow or white still.

After one year, you should inject litter every year once two shots: rabies prevention and control of three diseases

Cats Defecate Guidelines:

In the toilet or tub of sand: if it defecates the first time, you should not hit it that you get a small towel (you’ll throw it away). You get towels to blot the urine of cats liner waste; you want it put into place the toilet. If the second cat defecates not in place, you should train the cat has a habit of going to the toilet, pee place. With the cat where contaminants discharged, please detergent and cleaning with cleaning fluid normally.

Mischievous cats, for cats under two years of age, you slapped hard on the buttocks one time or early (absolute avoid abdomen). On a two-year-old cat, you teach the cat


How to choose the best weight distribution hitch?

The important of a weight distribution system

Weight distribution System is an absolutely indispensable tool for those who possess an RV. Without it, your car’s back end will be lower and the front end will be higher due to the concentration of weight. This situation may lead to several dangerous outcomes such as rough ride, loss of brake and steering control, or worse, uneven tire wear.

Shop for the best weight distribution hitch may be confusing for novice RV owner. For that reason, I’m writing this article to show you the buying guide.


Why does the weight distribution work?

Thanks to the spring bars added to the towing setup, the weight is now distributed to both your car and your trailer.

When is the tool necessary?


  • The weight of your trailer is greater than 50% of your car’s weight
  • The rear of your car is bent down in the middle when you connect the trailer to it.
  • Trailer sway
  • It’s hard to steer or stop the rig
  • The tow car’s headlight is pointing upward

How to choose the right weight distribution hitch?

Firstly, you need to take the size system, towing component and capacity into consideration.

Specifically, you have to understand these 2 types of weight ratings which include:


Gross Trailer Weight: this parameter indicates the total weight of the fully loaded trailer. In order to measure this number, you must fully load the trailer based on its recommendation.

Tongue Weight: This number is the total of the trailer’s tongue weight and the cargo weight which is located behind the car’s rear axle. Tongue Weight of your trailer is calculated based on a specialized tool named tongue weight scale. Regarding the weight of cargo, you can use a simple commercial scale to measure it. How to do it? Just measure 2 times: The first one, you calculate the weight with cargo. Secondly, you measure the weight of your car without cargo. Finally, all you have to do is subtract the 2 aforementioned parameters.

After having the Gross Trailer Weight and the Tongue Weight, you can now choose the weight distribution hitch:

The good weight distribution hitch must have the ratings greater or equal to this Gross Trailer Weight.

Additionally, the right system must have the Tongue Weight which is approximate to the Tongue Weight that you have calculated above.


For example: Your trailer’s tongue weight is 1000 kg, and the car is currently loading a 200-kg cargo. If you choose a weight distribution hitch with 2000 kg Tongue Weight Rating, this tool will cause a rigid ride. Reversely, if you purchase a 600kg tongue weight tool, the dangerous risk may happen.

Then, you should take the size of spring bars into consideration. On every spring bar, you will find a number which indicates the maximum amount of weighing distribution.

For example: a 1000-kg spring bar allows to transfer a maximum weight of 1000 kg from the rear axle

Based on the distance from your car’s rear axle to the receiver, the proper size of spring bars will vary. Unfortunately, there’s no formula to calculate this parameter.

Additionally, you should choose a sway control in order to smoothen the steering control and trailer sway.

Most of the manufacturers sell both sway control and weight distribution system in the same package. This great tool is able to control the friction at the hitch head and along the trailer frame thanks to the 2 integrated friction plates.

The sway control hitch and the weight distribution hitch look identical so people are often confused. Just keep in mind to ask your trailer salesman which is the sway control in case you need one.


The best massage chair pad 


What can be more satisfied than a relaxing massage after hours of hard working? Massaging effect directly to your muscles, nerves and blood vessels. It can reduce the muscle pain and fatigue along with increase blood circulation in the massage area. But even with all these good things that massage bring, few of us know how to do it properly. With massage chair pads, you don’t need to worry about massaging ever again. They will bring all the massage experience right on your working chair, gaming chair or even couch. But with so many brands and models, it is hard to choose a massage chair pads that fit all your needs. Well, don’t worry. In this post, we will give you a list of the best massage chair pads from trusted brands. Here we go:

Gideon™ Seat Cushion ($69.95 – Amazon.com)

Pros: This massage pad has been amazon’s best choice for a long time. And of course, there are reasons for that. It is a vibration seat with cushion massager and a heat feature. The massage pad has 10 different vibration points that focus deep into your back to help reduce pain, stress, and fatigue. The pad is also featured with an optional heat therapy which generates gentle warm to ease muscles. It has a precise spot massage function, which let you choose the focus massaging area. The product also comes with 4 massage mode and intensity settings so you can customize your massage pads to get the best massage experiences. And it comes with a convenient hand control for customizing and control the massage pad.

Cons: It may not fit with all of your chairs. If your weights are too heavy, you should choose another pad with a more solid build.

HoMedics MCL-110HA-2CO ($94.99 – Amazon.com)

Pros: This product comes from the famous and trusted brand HoMedic. It uses a mechanism Shiatsu massage technique. Its design can fit for people with all kind of height, except you are over-sized. The massage pad has three massage program. The full program will give you a full back and neck massage while the lower massage program focus on the lower back (the area that took the most pressure when you sit). And the upper program is for your neck. The product also has a heat feature, which can soothe and ease muscle pain. It has a convenient integrated control and the best part is that this massage pad can fit almost every chairs.

Cons: The first few days, your back may feel sore from massage because the muscle are not used to the massage pad. Don’t worry, it’s really normal to feel like that. It also happen when you having over intensive activities such as start going to the gym. Your muscle need time to get use to and recover. The pain will go away.

New Five Star FS8812 ($64.99 – Amazon.com)

Pros: This is a vibration massage with 10 vibration motor spread from the neck, shoulder to your lower back. It is just a vibration massage but you won’t regret buying it.  The product has a convenient hand control with 3 different speed and 4 massage programs. It is extremely portable and you can have it on your car, office or even on the couch. A good way to relax and soothe your back muscles. It also has a 30 minutes auto shutdown feature.

Cons: Doesn’t have a Shiatsu massage or kneading massage. So if you have a serious back problem, you shouldn’t buy it. Don’t get me wrong, it will still feel amazing but the pain won’t go away after that.

Thanks for reading and check our site for more information.