Music gear review: TC Electronic Hall of Fame Pedal

hall-of-fame-reverb-perspIn this post, I’m going to introduce to you a great device from a very well-known brand in the musical industry. It’s the TC Electronic Hall of Fame Pedal. This is an affordable digital reverb pedal that has received a lot of positive feedback from its users. The pedal offers up to 10 different types of reverb. And it allows you to almost every factor of your reverb tone. The device also offers a lot more feature, but we’ll be talking about that later. First, let have a look at this amazing pedal.

First look

The pedal is painted in shiny red. It has 4 knobs which are Decay, FX level, Tone, Reverb, and a Pre-Delay switch.

Decay knob is for setting the length of the reverb. Turn it up for a longer reverb and down to keep it short.

The FX level can adjust the level of the reverb. This controls the loudness of the reverb. It is an important function to keep your dry and wet signal balance.

The Reverb knob allows you to select between 10 types of reverb which are: Room, Hall, Church, Spring, Tile, Plate, Mod, Lofi, Ambient, and Gate. The Toneprint option allows you to use another custom tone which can be loaded from your PC or through your iPhone.

Tone knob changes the emphasis of the high and low frequencies.

Pre-Delay knob allows you to adjust the delay time before the reverb appears.

It looks like a really good quality device. It is well built and compact. The knobs are working perfectly. And I must say that I really love the design and the eye-catching color.

Reverb sounds

Room – This reverb creates a natural, mild reverb. It’s like the music is being played in a small room that is covered with soft and sound-absorbing material.

Hall – Hall reverb recreate the sound of a large environment. It’s probably the most commonly used by studios.

Church – The reverb is like its name. It’s perfect for worship music. It fits with slow tempos and sustained chords.

Mod – Mod give a warmer tone. It does a wonderful job of adding movement and life to your guitar.

Tile – Tile creates an environment of a small room. Imagine it’s like a bathroom.

Lofi – This is short for low fidelity reverb. This reverb is good for imparting raw and experimental sounds, which is very different from other reverbs.

Amb – Ambient stimulates a neutral natural space. It can make your guitar sound less dry or add some air and space to your music.

Gate – Gate reverb is commonly used in the 80s. It is made to making an abrupt decay signal.

Spring – This reverb is great for rock music, especially with short decay.

Plate – The reverb emulates the sound of a large metallic plate which were used before the invention of the digital pedal.

Toneprint you can use the preset tone or transfer your favorite tone from your computer via a USB cable. You can even use your iPhone to transfer tone print using the Tone Transfer app.


So should you buy it? If your budget allows it, I recommend that you should definitely get one of these. This guy doesn’t appear on most pedalboards for no reason. If you take the time to research on the internet, you’ll be surprised how famous this pedal is. It sounds great, has a lot of features and not to mention the price, which was really affordable. You can also enjoy setting different tone prints and effects. This pedal is great guitar players as well as producers.