Setting up your personal gym

Are you getting tired of driving to the gym everyday just to work out? Are you tired of paying an insane amount just to use shared workout equipment with others? If so, this article is exactly what you are looking for. We will elaborate on how you can set up your own home gym so that you don’t have to encounter any of the problems above ever again. Here is what you need:

The money

This thing will cost you money, no doubt about that. The more money you are willing to spend, the more equipment you can buy and the better your workout will be. This may seem a lot at first but it is a long term investment as you will probably use it for a very long time, which brings more benefits than harm.

In order to save as much money as possible in doing this, you can buy used equipment from auction sites for much less than what you would pay for if you buy a brand new one. Don’t buy into the hype of the latest trending specialist sport equipment, available at only (insert price here), that will keep you exercising at first but probably not for long.

The space


Lots of equipment means that you will need a lot of space to store them. If you already have that one room dedicated to gym training at home, good. If not, remove any unnecessary objects to make way for gym equipment.

The atmosphere

An interesting thing about having your own gym is that you can create the atmosphere that is suited to your personality and conducive to your workout plan. Decorate it with anything that will give you a workout mentality so that every time you step into that room, you are primed to work out as hard and as effective as you can.

The equipment


There are lots of gym equipment on the market right now. To begin, you only need some basic equipment and upgrade only when that workout is no longer effective for you or when it’s is time to get a new one. Some typical equipment you are going to need are as follows:

Barbell and plate set: An indispensable piece in any gym. I would recommend a standard Olympic bar, which is 7 feet in width and therefore, you will need some large space to accommodate it. If you are willing to invest into this, spend some extra money on professional bumper plates, which is rubber coated so that you can practice dead lift without cracking the floor

Bench: To use the above effectively, you will need a bench. Go for something that offers decline and incline function, which will be very useful in split bodybuilding. Click here for the list of the best weight benches on the market right now so that you will know what to look for.

Rack: Since you’ll be working out alone, you will need it in order to do heavier shoulders, chest, and legs workout. In addition, look for one that can take attachments like a pull up bar for your own convenience.

The technique


Since you are training alone, getting the technique right is all the more important so as reduce any risk and boost muscle growth as there is no one to correct it for you. If you worry about not getting the form correctly, spend a session with a specialist. It may be expensive for but it is way less expensive than the cost of an unwanted injury

That should be all you need to know on how to set up your own personal gym. Thank you for reading this article and have fun training.