Types of tent and what is perfect for your family

Tent is an indispensable gear of a camping trip. Nonetheless, with thousands of brands and designs on the market, it is not at all easy to choose among the best family tents for sale for your family. Here in this article, we will show you what types of tent there are on the market and which one will suit your family the best. Tents are divided in the following category:

Tunnel tent

Tunnel tent
credit: walmart.com

This is a basic model for tents. As a name stated, it is a long tunnel that is raised in the middle by using two or more poles. A notable advantage of this type is that it will provide more head space than other design. It is also useful for changing or cleaning small children.

The downside is that the biggest of this type of tent can only hold up to 3 people. So if you have a large family, buying this type of tent is not highly recommended.

Another downside is that it is the least stable of all. Just by pulling the supporting pole and the whole thing will collapse.

Dome tent

Dome tent
credit: camptents.com

This is becoming more and more popular with in recent times and there are reasons behind it. Firstly, you can set it up fast and easily, which is a huge plus for young families. This will reduce the time they have to leave their child unsupervised while erecting the tent.

Another benefit of this type of tent is that it is very light compare to other types. This is extremely useful for a family trip as there will already be a lot of bulky luggage so a lightweight tent is a plus.

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The issue with this tent is that they can still be pulled over by your children’s carelessness. But overall, this is a good tent for family trip.

Geodesic tent:

Geodesic tent
credit: pinterest.com

There are two types of geodesic tent: semi and full geodesic.

As for semi geodesic, they have three poles which are intertwined to provide greater structural stability than the other two types mentioned above. This along with the fact that there is a lot of free space under the canopy makes this tent seem like a good choice for family.

However, only serious campers and family who wants to make the most out of their tent should go for this model. This is because they are more pricy than the other two types.

As for full geodesic tents, they are almost the same as their semi counterpart, but with four poles, which provides even more stability. They can even withstand harsh weather like strong wind or heavy rain. However, they are also the most expensive of all and only hardcore campers should consider buying it.

Regarding the perfect tent for you, you should take into account your personal preference. How often do you go out camping, how big is your family, how well-behave your children are, how much money do you want to spend, etc. All that, combined with the information provided above should give you a clear idea of which tent to buy.