What to buy to welcome your baby

An expected family member is about to enter the house. What do you need to buy in order to welcome him or her? Well, this article will answer that question for you. In today’s article, we will present you the stuff you need to buy for your lovely little angel. Here goes:


Babies themselves cannot know when or how to go to the restroom; therefore, diaper is a must-have. There are lots of types and brands on the market, so do a little research beforehand to know the pros and cons of each brand. Remember to increase the size as your child gets older as well.


With sensitive and soft skin like that, babies will need a very soft towel so as not to damage their skin.

In addition, they will need baby-friendly shampoo as well. Babies’ eyes cannot withstand the stinging of regular shampoo on the market. Hence, you need to buy something that won’t cause stinging even when it makes contact with their eyes.

Feeding bottle

Since they cannot eat all by themselves just yet, a feeding bottle will make the feeding process easier for you. Depend on the babies’ age, there is a suitable type for them. The one with small opening in the nipple is much more suited to newborns as they cannot digest very fast. As for older babies, a bigger opening in the nipple is more appropriate as they can digest faster and eat faster as a result.

High chair

High chairWhen your baby is old enough to join the family meal then the baby will need a high chair. This is to facilitate easy supervision of the baby’s meal and allow you to feed him or her with much less effort. Browse through the list of the best high chair 2017 currently on the market and you will have a better idea of which one to buy.

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Baby carrier

You cannot carry the baby all the time with your hands, you got other work to do. That’s why this thing will be essential for you. This will keep both of yours hands free so that you can do something else instead.


When you want to safely transport the baby around the in many places, a stroller will be more suited for the job. It does an excellent job in protecting your baby from harmful sun rays as well.

That should cover all the basic necessity for welcoming a new member of the family. If you want more tips about comforter click here